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Healthy People 2020 Goals:

Reduce consumption of calories from solid fats and added sugars in the population aged 2 years and older

Reduce consumption of calories from added sugars


Why should you drink less sugar sweetened beverages?

  • Sugar sweetened beverages are high in calories and may contribute to weight gain

  • Sugar sweetened beverages contribute to "empty calories" in your diet, meaning they provide calories but little to no nutrients

  • Consuming a high sugar diet can put you at risk for health problems

How can you reduce the amont of sugar sweetened beverages that you drink?

  • Choose water instead of soda, fruit drinks, or sports drinks

  • Add slices of fruits or vegetables, like strawberries, lemon, cucumber, or pineapple, to flavor water

  • Drink 100% fruit or vegetable juice rather than fruit drinks

  • Dilute sports drinks with water

  • Avoid keeping sugary drinks in your home

More about Sugar Sweetened Beverages

In general, it is recommended to limit empty calories, including calories from sugar sweetened beverages.

Did You Know?

Sports drinks are only recommended for children who engage in greater than 1 hour of physical activity

Sugar Sweetened Beverages Include:

  • Sodas

  • Energy drinks

  • Sports drinks

  • Fruit drinks with added sugars

Did You Know?

Sports drinks and energy drinks are high in sugar but are low in fat

For more information on empty calories contained in Sugar Sweetened Beverages please visit:


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