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What is MyPlate?

MyPlate is a good resource to use to learn about general nutrition. It illustrates the five food groups that make up a healthy diet, in the recommended proportions. ChooseMyPlate also provides up to date information on food groups and current nutrition recommendations. To learn more about MyPlate and how it can be used to create a healthy diet, click here

 How can MyPlate be used in the classroom?

Myplate can be used in the classroom...

  • To show the components of a healthy diet including food groups

  • To help students visualize how much of each food group should be consumed to make up a healthy diet

  • As a tool to help students become interested in nutrition

Did You Know?

Children are more at risk for obesity than for eating disorders

Did You Know?

MyPlate was introduced in 2011 by the USDA along with the updated 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans

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