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About The MENTOR Curriculum

The Mentoring, Education, and Nutrition Knowledge for Teachers to Reduce Obesity Risk in Children (M.E.N.T.O.R) Project curriculum consists of 40 lesson plans designed for elementary school teachers to implement as part of their curriculum. The lesson plans target two age groups: kindergarten - second grade and third - fifth grade. Each lesson plan includes different nutrition components such as general nutrition, fruits and vegetables, fats, sugar sweetened beverages, and physical activity. Additionally, each nutrition component is integrated with essential school subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science and designed to meet the Common Core Standards. The curriculum is meant to allow teachers to incorporate nutrition and physical activity education into the classroom while meeting their school state-mandated competencies. Each lesson plan includes objectives to be met; common core subject standards; an overview of the nutrition topic for the teacher; materials needed for the lesson plan; the teaching component of the lesson where the connection between the nutrition topic and school subject is made; and the activity or worksheets needed to complete the lesson with their respective answer keys. 

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