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About Us

The MENTOR project is a program aimed at reducing the risk of overweight and obesity in elementary school children. As part of this program, veteran elementary school teachers will serve as mentors for future teachers. Using social media sites, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, veteran teachers and future teachers will share lesson plans and ideas to encourage eating a healthy diet and physical activity. They will work together to implement lessons in the classroom to promote these healthy behaviors. By working together to promote a healthy lifestyle, teachers will help to reduce the risk of overweight and obesity in elementary school children. 

How can this website be used in the classroom and at your school?

You can use this website in the classroom to learn about nutrition and create lesson plans, show multimedia, and find printables to help your students learn. For each nutrition education area there is information on the topic as well as a "Teacher Resources" page that contains lesson plans, multimedia, printables, and children's books. There are also MENTOR lesson plans that are available for each nutrition education area. MENTOR lesson plans can be utilized for the following subjects; English, math, science, and social science. 


You can use this website at your school for information on the wellness policy, as well as how to start a school garden, field trip ideas, nutrition science project ideas, and to find free nutrition related classroom supplies. 

If you find any information or resources that you think should be added to this website, please email us at

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